A Message From Ciara…

Hello Beautiful People..I’m Ciara the owner of Ciara Jonee’ Boutique . I see some new faces here and I wanted to reintroduce myself to you all and you a bit about me and my brand.

I started Ciara Jonee’ in April of 2017 and the growth that we’ve had over the years has been nothing short of amazing! We have made a lot of changes through out the years to really make sure we provide nothing short of excellent customer service as well as provide you all with the best of best in quality styles.

We’re based in Missouri which is where all items are processed and shipped from.

I enjoy meeting new people, providing you all with great and affordable pieces! My business is far from from perfect but do know I strive everyday to improve on every aspect of it! This year as been a bit challenging in my personal life..I’ve struggled mentally and my business suffered a bit from that, but from having all of the support from you all, and all of my customers that have been rocking with me or sending emails checking in or telling me they were proud to see me continuing to grow I was able to pull through and get back to what is important. So even if you’re liking, commenting, or if you’re ordering from my boutique, all of that has made a huge difference in my life, and it means so much. 😢

Just know I’m extremely thankful for each and everyone of you 🥺

Check in with me..how have y’all been? Let’s chat because at this point we’re family! 💕